Green League Table

The Green League Table conducts annual environmental investigations of Cambridge colleges, measuring Management, Waste, Water, and Energy performance. As well as providing analysis and recommendations, colleges are also ranked on their environmental performance.

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The Green League Table conducts annual environmental investigations of Cambridge colleges, measuring Management, Waste, Water, Energy and Construction data. Our aim is to provide accessible analysis of management practices, per capita consumption and overall environmental performance, with an identification of key target areas. Subsequent recommendations are then made to inform you of how to rectify weaker areas of environmental performance. This should make it easier for Colleges to address environmental problems, most with a long term financial gain.

Using the data that we gather, colleges are then ranked on their environmental performance. This adds an element of competition and allows you to see how you compare with other colleges. A breakdown of how the rankings are calculated can be found in the 2012-2013 Ranking document.

The Green League Table is run by CUECS, the Cambridge University Environmental Consulting Society.

Why Get Involved?

What do colleges get out of it?

  • A customised environmental report
    • Data analysis of management, energy, waste and water data
    • Recommendations of policies, projects and management improvements
  • An understanding of relative performance compared to a university standard
  • Free Thermal Survey for first ‘newly participating college’
  • Thermal Survey at nominal fee (£50 per hour on site)
    • Thermal Images
    • Analysis of Images
    • Recommendations of practical solutions to structural problems

1. New Website

We have moved to a new website and tried to make previously confusing sections, such as recycling, more intuitive. This should make it easier to insert as much data as possible.

2. Access to Meters

Electricity, gas and water meter data has been collected centrally since 2012-2013 and you now have access to see the information we hold on the college. This provides greater transparency and accuracy, as you can match any meters that have been missed with their relevant property. This also shows you if you have missed any properties within the Construction section, ensuring maximum coverage.

3. New Values Collected

Within the Construction section, Gross Internal Area is now collected as an alternative to the complete physical dimensions, allowing colleges to enter the information that they already have available.

4. Flexible Population Data

It is now possible to give you a better indication of your actual per capita consumption as we now accept data regarding communal facilities use. For example, the number of "meals served" could be given to account for energy use in catering facilities. There is also better flexibility regarding timings of existing students, as you can alter the length different groups are present in college.

5. Reduced Time

Integration of data collected on the TEAM database for electricity, gas and water has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to complete the survey. In order to evaluate this information, all that is necessary is accurate population figures for the mainsite and satellite properties.

Colleges are ranked based on their annual environmental performance, composed on relative management, energy, waste and water scores. The more accurate and comprehensive your survey response is, the more reflective this will be of actual college practices.

Current results

Previous results:

2012-2013 Overall Rankings

These are the results of the 2012-2013 league table (relating to energy consumption from April 2011 to March 2012).
Ranking College Total
1 Girton 13.5
2 Pembroke 13.3
3 Downing 12.7
4 Murray Edwards 11.9
5 Jesus 11.4
6 Sidney Sussex 10.7
7 Lucy Cavendish 10.5
8 Christ's 9.7
9 Churchill 9.5
10 Corpus Christi 9.4
11 Gonville & Caius 7.4
12 Newnham 7.3
13 Magdalene 5.8
14 Clare 5.7
15 Emmanuel 5.5
16 Homerton 4.4
17 St Catharine's 3.5
18 King's 3.2
19 Wolfson 1.8

For Colleges

The Green League Table targets senior management, who have access and authority over the majority of information that we collect within the survey. We accept that you may not personally have access to all the information necessary to complete the survey: a successful method applied by some colleges is to have all relevant college departments adding information that relates to their operations. In order to add more than one user, please email with the name, CRSid and position in college.

In addition to staff members, student involvement is great, with the Green Officers at your college a valuable asset which can be used to help fill in some of the information, or verify at the end to make sure it is accurate. Whilst some data may not be accessible directly by the green officers, they can work alongside you, perhaps meeting for approximately an hour to gather additional information. Green Officers cannot complete the survey independently but they can help ease the burden.

College Consultants may contact you to follow up additional information and verify figures are correct. Such consultants may be able to help you locate data however their primary focus is the writing of your College report.

For Students

If you would like to become a college consultant or join one of our sub-projects, College Best Practice or Thermal Imaging, please email: to let us know and we’ll get in touch.

How do you change your College contact?

We have a list of College Staff members from Bursars to Gardening Staff who have completed the survey in the past, these people are known as our ‘Primary Contacts’. If you wish to be removed from our primary contact list, please email to let us know, and provide the name of a suitable replacement. Once we have been informed, we can add the new contact and permit them access to the survey website.

As part of our environmental consulting service, we now provide Thermal Imaging.

Our services consist of:

  • Thermal Images
  • Analysis of Images
  • Recommendations

Our fee is £50 per hour on-site which is approximately the amount of time to conduct a survey of a domestic house or block of about 30 people. These prices fall well below commercial rates which are usually charged at between £200 and £450.

If you want to know more about our services please contact:

If you want to sign up for a survey, please complete our Thermal Imaging Hire Form and send to

Thermal imaging example 1 Thermal imaging example 2 Thermal imaging example 3 Thermal imaging example 4 Thermal imaging example 5

If you have any problems, questions or want to get involved please let us know as soon as possible!

Email us at