What is the Green League Table?

The Green League Table is a ranking of the Cambridge Colleges, conducted annually and designed to assess their environmental performance. It is organised and run by the Cambridge University Environmental Consultancy Society (CUECS). Its principle aims are to promote sustainable practice and environmental concerns within the Colleges and to provide constructive feedback and analysis to Colleges individually and collectively. The Table seeks to do this by producing meaningful statistics and by highlighting best practice, which we hope will feedback into College policy and management. Coupled with a healthy dose of competitive spirit, the objective of the League Table is to lead Colleges into environmentally beneficial change.

Why should Colleges take part?

There are a number of good reasons why a College may wish to participate in the survey. CUECS is concerned with long term sustainability and mitigating environmentally damaging practice; the bespoke report produced from the survey results will provide the College with relevant information to help this transition. CUECS also produces a League Table comparing the participating Colleges. This table is published annually. The College may also realise immediate financial benefits from certain changes, and be better able to quantify the relative costs and returns of a variety of options. The government has now introduced the Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme, under which Colleges will need to make account of their carbon emissions. Institutions will be expected to improve in their performance in accordance with the targets set down in the Climate Change Act of 2008. Whilst Colleges will have to measure their emissions through this government scheme, the League Table provides colleges with the opportunity to analyse the breakdown of this energy and formulate informed strategies for meeting these targets.

Who can get involved?

Colleges - If you are a bursar or College Energy Officer interested in participating in the League Table you can sign up here.

Students - If you would like to get involved in the Green League Table you can sign up here.

CUECS is a student run and operates several projects besides the Green League Table, please visit the CUECS website for further details.